When modifying nouns, if the noun you're modifying is a person, can the noun modifying clause be past tense? So if I wanted to say:

The person I saw yesterday is here again today.

Which is correct?

  1. 私が昨日に見る人はまた今日にはここでいる。

  2. 私が昨日に見た人はまた今日にはここでいる。


In this case past tense 見た人 is correct and it's irrelevant if it's a person or an inanimate object.

But there are more points to be careful about in your sentence:

  • no need to use に after the 昨日
  • いる is a state verb, so it should be ここにいる (instead of ここで)
  • also no need for に after 今日, in fact you would want to stress the fact it happens again, so も fits here


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