for example, これを一つください is please give me 10 of this. then how should I say if it were 10, 11, 12, and more...?


You can stay with the form:


But beyond 9, you'd need to switch from the traditional hitotsu-futatsu numerals to ichi-ni-style and add an appropriate counter for the item.

For a generic counter you would use:

  • 個{こ} - so for "10 of this": 10個 (じゅっこ) then 11個 (じゅういっこ), 12個 (じゅうにこ), etc.

But depending on the requested object itself, you might use:

  • 本{ほん} for long, thin objects (like pens or kushi-katsu): 10本 (じゅっぽん), 11本 (じゅういっぽん), 12本 (じゅうにほん), ...

  • 冊{さつ} for books/brochures: 10冊 (じゅっさつ), 11冊 (じゅういっさつ), 12冊 (じゅうにさつ), ...

  • or other counters listed here

Notice that many of these compounds have irregular pronunciation.

And also you can use them for the quantities below 10: 3個 (さんこ), 4本 (よんほん), 5枚 (ごまい)

  • 1
    You don't need to switch for 10. You can still use 「とお」.
    – istrasci
    Dec 14 '16 at 17:21
  • Ok, I will try :)
    – macraf
    Dec 14 '16 at 22:09

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