This is a line of dialogue Yahari anime:

なので 気晴らしにかるーく遊びに誘えたらいいかなっと

I do not understand かるーく.

Is that just an elongation of the vowel or a contraction?


「かるーく」 is how 「かるく(軽く)」 is sometimes pronounced in informal conversation.

In the sentence in question, 「かるーく」 just means "a little bit", "in an easy or casual manner", etc.

"So, I was kinda thinking it'd be cool to casually ask you/him/her/them out for relaxation."

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かるーく is the same as かるく, but like this (○○ー○) , sound to be long, that means really some. For example:

  • 少し → すこーし

but unable to be used is many than able to be used.

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