I've been reading this Japanese wrestling results site http://jabroni.typepad.jp/wwe/2016/10/20161024-raw.html and I'm having trouble understanding this sentence:


from this paragraph:

Chris、では今からこのリストを返そう。でもその前に、新しいリストを作ろう。WWE UniversalチャンピオンのKevin Owens、お前はHIACでタイトルマッチをすれば、タイトルを失うことになる。俺は必ずそのベルトを盗んでやる。そのタイトルのリストに次に載るのは俺だ

Is it saying that his going to put the title (belt) on the list next? Is it normal the sentence ordering with 僕だ at the end of the sentence? I don't understand the structure of this sentence.

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    Could you make 2 questions instead of asking 2 problems at one question...?
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    Dec 4, 2016 at 10:05

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Yes 俺だ can be placed at the end of a sentence.

It's me who will appear on the list of the title (holders) next time.

This is a rather simple cleft sentence which was constructed from:

I will appear on the list of title holders next time.

  • Omg I was losing my head on this one, thank you so much. The problem with this site is that they add things to the translation that wasn't on the original broadcast, that's why I couldn't figure out
    – Jon
    Dec 6, 2016 at 0:21

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