I'm writing a speech in Japanese about the difference between languages and I've been trying to figure out the correct way to say "lexical gap" in Japanese. Any ideas?

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    We usually ask people to show some research effort for translation questions, but in this case I think there's no easy answer to look up, so I think we can keep this question open as it is :-)
    – user1478
    Nov 27, 2016 at 20:39

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It would usually be 「語彙的欠落{ごいてきけつらく}」、「語彙の欠落」、「語彙欠落」, etc.

In linguistics within the Japanese-speakng world, however, many technical terms are often written both in English and Japanese. This is true of the newer fields of study such as linguistics, computer science, psychology, etc.

Thus, I might suggest that you consider wording such as 「語彙的欠落 (lexical gap)」, 「語彙的欠落 (英語では"lexical gap")」」, etc.

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