I am trying to translate a sentence from English to Japanese in order to include it in an email, but I can't really find a satisfying equivalent in the target language.

But it is true that it (the Japanese language) is getting easier over time.

I have:


Or should I say 「やさしくなっていることは」

I have have also tried:


Please let me know if this is wrong, or if there is a better way to say it.



Nice try, but it only sounds 80-85% natural. (It is 100% grammatical if it is the grammar that matters.)

「本当」: A more natural word choice would be 「事実{じじつ}」. Using 「本当」 there could make it sound a bit childish.

「なる」: The native speaker's phrase choice would be 「なってきている」 or 「なっている」.


Excellent second half (やさしくなってきています). The use of 「なるほど」 there is not incorrect, but a phrase like 「確{たし}かに」 would be more natural.

How natural 「なるほど」 sounds there would actually depend on the larger context. With only a single sentence given, it is no easy judgement. In that sense, 「確かに」 would be a pretty safe choice.

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