I'm sure many people learning a language have written their name in that language. Before actively learning Japanese, I noticed that any translation website changed the spelling of my name. It went from Miranda to Mirinda. Since there is a character for Ra why is it not used? Is it a matter of pronunciation?

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    Could you explain what do you mean by "changed the spelling"? What did you input, what did you expect to get, and what did you actually get? – naruto Nov 9 '16 at 0:25
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    More importantly, what specifically does "any translation website" refer to? – oals Nov 9 '16 at 9:22

Miranda transliterates unambiguously to ミランダ Miranda. In fact, ラ ra is pronounced [[ɺa]], where [[ɺ]] is a sound between R and L.

In fact, the names of many other people (or places) called Miranda are transcribed in this way (see ミランダ on Japanese Wikipedia).

You can also check the ENAMDICT database for Japanese names (via http://jisho.org, for example). The database contains a fair number of foreign names (of people and places) transliterated to Japanese. For "Miranda" they are all transliterated as ミランダ: http://jisho.org/search/miranda.


It could be a spell checker causing the problem...

Miranda ミ: Mi ラ: Ra ン: N ダ: Da

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