So I've been reading the script from a videogame and I have a problem with this sentence:


I don't quite get it what 後に means in this sentences, I don't think it means "after" or "later" as I thought at first because in the next sentence it mentions what happens after after the war ends:


According to the translation I've been reading, the 後に part has is saying something like: "After all it was me who started the war called...".

So, what is the meaning of 後に?



The [後]{のち}に modifies 呼ばれる. 後に妖精戦争と呼ばれる is a relative clause modifying 争い.

"A conflict [later called 妖精戦争]"

  • wow, I never thought 後に was acting as an atribute, I thought it was a conjunctive or part of former sentence, now it makes sense
    – Jon
    Nov 6 '16 at 11:11

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