I heard this word often and I'm pretty sure it means "correct! / right! / great!" but I cannot seem to find the word in dictionary and I don't even know how it is written. I try to find せっかい but have no match.

Could you help to confirm what word am I hearing?

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You might be thinking of seikai, 正{せい}解{かい}

I hear it often used in game-shows indicating the contestant got the correct answer. It's hard to know for sure since you aren't providing a whole lot of context, but this would be my best guess.

Definition (according to jisho.org)

  • 正{せい}解{かい}: correct; right; correct interpretation (answer, solution)
  • I believe it's exactly what I'm looking for, thank you very much.
    – Alice28
    Commented Nov 5, 2016 at 7:16

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