In the song Brand New World by Shiena Nishizawa, this part

泣き叫んで 顔を出した 弱さの化身も

全て込めて解き放て Brand-new World

Was translated as

Even the incarnation of weakness, showing its face with a scream – I'll release everything right here and now: A Brand-new World!

  1. What is 「込めて」 doing here?
  2. Where does "right here and now" come from?

I checked 込める and 解き放つ on Jisho.org and didn't find anything that would explain this usage.

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  1. The first (or second) definition on jisho.org applies. 込める here is to charge, or to put energy into some container. Imagine something like a 元気玉, to which you can put negative emotions until it bursts.

  2. It's a free translation, and "right here and now" comes from nowhere. Literally, the sentence is only saying "Charge everything (that I mentioned in the previous line) and release it".

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