In the song Brand New World by Shiena Nishizawa, this part

泣き叫んで 顔を出した 弱さの化身も

全て込めて解き放て Brand-new World

Was translated as

Even the incarnation of weakness, showing its face with a scream – I'll release everything right here and now: A Brand-new World!

  1. What is 「込めて」 doing here?
  2. Where does "right here and now" come from?

I checked 込める and 解き放つ on Jisho.org and didn't find anything that would explain this usage.

  1. The first (or second) definition on jisho.org applies. 込める here is to charge, or to put energy into some container. Imagine something like a 元気玉, to which you can put negative emotions until it bursts.

  2. It's a free translation, and "right here and now" comes from nowhere. Literally, the sentence is only saying "Charge everything (that I mentioned in the previous line) and release it".

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