I have a question regarding this kanji: 𤼵. Is it the same kanji with this 發 or 発?

The kanji of the Green dragon tiles in Japan is usually 𤼵 which is slightly different from 發 since it includes the kanji 矢 instead of 殳." (Wikipedia - Japanese Mahjong).

On last summer Japan trip, I was looking for some calligraphy stuffs near Asakusa, then I asked the Obasan to make me 發 word. She asked me whether that is 発 "Hatsu" because she said she doesn't know that word (發) exists in Japanese. But she did not tell me this kanji: 𤼵.

I know 發 word from Chinese 發財 and HK Mahjong.

I hope native/Japanese expert could explain this to me.


發 is a old character form. 発 is a new character form. Japanese don't use 發 in a normal life. I didn't know what the word ether. But, Japanese Mahjong players should know 發.


I still can't write English well. I would be glad if I could help you even just a little.

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    Thank you very much for your answer. After saw your answer, then I searched about it and found the term Shinjitai. I did not know Japanese has this, I only know there are simplified and traditional for Chinese. I am going to learn more about Japanese now. – Yuuta Takanashi Oct 29 '16 at 14:10
  • These characters are the same: Traditional, Japanese-variant (Shin-jitai) and Simplified: 發・発・发 - But you may see this word in Japanese: 撥水 where the right-side of the first kanji has not been officially simplified. – sazarando Oct 31 '16 at 2:45

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