I am looking for the adjective jōzu / boozy in my Takoboto dictionary, to learn further information, or its kanji, but cannot find it.

Can someone help me develop a strategy for looking up and finding adjectives in a dictionary?

dictionary entries for joozu textbook entry


Learn Hepburn romanization if you want to use romaji. Your textbook uses a non-standard type of romanization. Better yet, just learn the kana. The word is 上手{じょうず}.

  • I think that jōzu is in fact Hepburn romanization, as //ou// gets romanized as ō unless there is either a word boundary between //o// and //u// (e.g. 子牛), or the //u// is the (inflecting) ending of a verb (e.g. 迷う). – Earthliŋ Dec 18 '16 at 20:00

The adjective is actually spelled as jouzu in the dictionary. As with many oo combinations, one has to try on as well, as per this post.

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