I use Siri to practice my Japanese. I basically say random things to him and see how he responds. (I know this is not even close to effective, don't judge me...)

Today I said to Siri that he is an interesting person:


And he responds with this really weird sentence:


I guessed that 座布団 refers those cushions that people sit on (and Google Translate proved me right). So the sentence would mean something like:

a cushion, please!

It makes no sense! What is Siri saying? Is this like a meme or something?

I searched the phrase on the web but all the results are all in Japanese which I can't fully understand...

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It comes from a show called 笑点{しょうてん}where whenever someone says something interesting, they're given a 座布団{ざぶとん} or mat to sit on.


  • In the new 逆転裁判6 game, one of the characters is a rakugo and sits at the witness bench of the courtroom atop about 20 purple zabutons. (And later says 座布団一枚!during testimony). I guess this is a pun on both rakugo and the 笑点 TV show.
    – rjh
    Nov 1, 2016 at 17:54

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