From what I understand, this means "Please refrain from smoking". However, I cannot find what "goenryo" means by looking it up in the dictionary.

Can someone help me by explaining what it means?

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    "ny" is not a valid syllable in Japanese. No wonder you could not find it in the dictionary. – oals Oct 24 '16 at 12:15

The word is 御遠慮 (go-enryo)

遠慮する: to refrain from

御: honorific/polite prefix

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I suppose it is Tabako-wa goenryo kudasai(タバコはご遠慮ください).
That means:

Refrain from smoking.

遠慮 means refrain from. Similar to 控える. Commonly used in instructions.

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"go" is to be polite and is not part of the word. The word is enryo.

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