I found the following sentence on the wall.


What does it mean?

My attempt is as follows

Pleasantly defecation comes from comfortable place.

But I don't really understand what it means.

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Your translation is great,

Pleasant defecation comes from comfortable place.

It's speaking of going to the bathroom in a place where you're comfortable, I'm pretty sure that's it. Depending on the context, it's either a joke or could be some kind of advice from a health pamphlet or something like that.

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    I agree with your answer. If I see this sentence in any public toilet, I would guess it's to encourage other users to keep it clean so that other users would not get prevented from 快便. :-)
    – Rathony
    Oct 21, 2016 at 19:35

A good defecation starts with a comfortable place.

Maybe it means that a good defecation requires a comfortable, clean toilet.


--- Great BM comes from Great RooM ---
--- Clean RooM produces Clean BM ---

Maybe it was written by a restaurant (?) (or any such establishment) owner/manager, telling his employees to keep the restroom clean.

Maybe it's modelled after [ Clear Your Desk, Clear Your Mind ] == ( A clear desk will help you clear your mind. ) 【 いい仕事は、快適な机から生まれる 】

【明窓浄机】 (めいそうじょうき) 明るい窓と、清らかな机。転じて、明るく清らかな書斎。

30 years ago, i used to hear this slogan [ 快食、快便 ] alot -- usually from older folks. Maybe our favorite old-timer has some comments to share.

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