English word "tonight" can have a meaning "this evening" and "this night" as well. I can translate into Japanese both of them as [今夜]{こんや}. But how to translate it into Japanese to mean exactly "this evening" (before midnight) and "this night" (I mean after midnight, for example at 1 AM)?

  • "this night" (I mean after midnight「今夜/今晩、日付が変わってから」とか・・ – Chocolate Oct 18 '16 at 1:45

The weather report uses the following words:
夜遅く: from 9pm to midnight
未明: from midnight to 3am
明け方: from 3am to 6am

So you could say 今夜未明 to mean "this night after midnight".



I believe [今晩]{こん・ばん} encompasses both evening and night. According to the Japanese dictionaries built-in to my macOS (大辞泉 and スーパー大辞林; not sure of the versions), 晩 has meanings of

  • [日暮]{ひ・ぐ}れ, [夕暮]{ゆう・ぐ}れ → sunset, dusk
  • [夕方]{ゆう・がた} → evening
  • 夜 → night
  • Might be good to mention 今宵 as well. – sazarando Oct 18 '16 at 0:09

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