I know that させてくれないか is won't you let me?
But how do I say allow? させてあげる I'll let You!.
I want it to be "something + the auxiliary ageru".

Why is 借りしてもいい right but not 借りてもいい ?!?!?

I want it like this:

(部下に) よし。そいつを殺させてあげる。はははは (悪声)

I want to grant permission without a request having been made in the first place, and I want to be firm when I grant the permission.

  • 借りてもいい? is natural and 借りしてもいい? is unnatural but お借りしてもいい? is a polite way of saying of 借りてもいい?. – Yuuichi Tam Oct 10 '16 at 9:48

~させてあげる is perfectly correct, but in your context (i.e., to sound firm, bossy...) I think you could use やる instead of あげる, as in:


And, as stated in the comment by @Yuuichi, 借りてもいい is not correct. You'd say 借りてもいい, or 借りてもいい in 謙譲語/humble language. (Examples of the humble 「お + 連用形 (continuative form) + する」 form: 借りる ⇒ お借りする, 届ける ⇒ お届けする, うかがう ⇒ おうかがいする)

  • Alternatively, you could also say「殺させてやろう。」「殺させてやるぞ。」「殺してもいいぞ。」 etc... – Chocolate Oct 11 '16 at 13:48

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