I recently learnt the word もちきり. It always seems to preceeded by a word with particle で e.g.

Rumours about you are a hot topic at the moment.

I can't understand why で is used. Which type of で is this?

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The word もちきり can be literally translated like "full loaded" or "loaded all the time", that figuratively describes a topic totally occupies people's tongues.

So, this should be taken as instrumental "with", as in:

アニメ日本語を覚える learn Japanese with anime
仕事忙しい busy with work

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で particle can indicate location of action, time of action, means of action.

で particle also indicates cause of an effect.

In this case, hot topic is the effect of rumors about you. もちきりよ is an effect, and あなたの噂 is a cause.

Hope it helps.

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