What does きます mean here? Also I'd like a translation for this sentence.



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持って来ます is some sort of compound verb, and as many of these verbs it is best understood when reading it's conforming verbs in sequence.

  1. 持って来ます.
  2. 持つ & 来る.
  3. take/have & come.
  4. Finally we understand it is the transitive verb: to bring.(because you take something and come someplace)

There are a lot of this kind of words and you can even make your own as needed:

て-verb1 + verb2.

e.g. 傘を忘れて出かけました。 I forgot my umbrella and left(without it).


きます comes from the verb 来る (to come).


= The girls will come and bring breakfast to the parents.

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