So, I was reading this http://alfalfalfa.com/articles/161036.html and I wanted to know what was the meaning of "心を壊す". Is it "to damage one's mind"?


I couldn't find the meaning, so I was trying to guess...

  • to damage one's mind そうですね・・「心」というか「精神」が壊れたのかも・・・ – Chocolate Oct 3 '16 at 17:20

In that post they are probably referring to something like 精神を壊す like chocolate mentioned. Because if you read the comments, the people have gone a little crazy with this toy...

Also if you do a google search, 心 is replaced with 精神 or 感情 so it doesn't seem to be used all that often and when it is, is used in the context of stress. Similar examples could be: 心が病む・心が折れる

Loosely translated, it could be: "To lose one's mind", "to go crazy" etc.

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