What is the equivalent expression to "old wives tales"?

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    I think you need to add some background; an example sentence you want to use the expression in. Otherwise it's a plain translation request and the phrase is listed in common dictionaries.
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The common translation seems to be:


  1. absurd superstition (英和対訳)
  2. old wives' tale (英和対訳)
  3. 迷信 (和英辞典)

To make sure, you are referring to this, right?

There is an expression which looks similar (おばあちゃんの知恵; lit. "wisdom of old women"), but this has a positive connotation in Japanese.

The kind of "theories" listed in the Wikipedia article is plainly referred to as:

  • 古【ふる】い迷信【めいしん】 (lit. "old superstition")
  • 俗説【ぞくせつ】 (lit. "layman's theory", usually implies scientifically false ones)

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