I'm writing a business e-mail to a Japanese speaking person, and I need to direct them to a certain URL. In English I would write "please visit http://www.example.com". I'm not sure the best way to say that in Japanese. My best guess is something like "http://www.example.comに訪ねてください", and if I was writing a friend I'd probably just try that figuring that they'd understand even if it wasn't quite right. But since this is formal business correspondence I want to make sure it's right.

  • @Kentaro Tomono - IIRC, my original intent when asking this question was to give instructions on how to change a user's profile on our website. So I was writing something like "To change your setting, go to www.example.com, then click "my profile", then click "settings". Aug 4, 2015 at 2:58
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  • ...に訪ねる is ungrammatical. You have to use ...を訪ねる.
  • In the first place, using the expression 'visit' is metaphoric. It may work in English, but it is a bit strange in Japanese to use 訪ねる. As cypher writes, ご覧ください 'please see' is more natural.
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    I would like personally ask who upvoted this after the questioner wrote the further details of instruction. If you were him, would you simply use 「…を御覧下さい」?The questioner has given the more detailed instruction, which I think requires additional comment in order for the users to change their profiles. How would you react to the questioner's upgraded instruction??? I would personally would like to know with thank you in advance. Kindly be noted I am saying in terms of technical process
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    Aug 6, 2015 at 22:23

On the off chance that the information on the referred page is related to the contents of your email, I'll add in ~をご参照【さんしょう】ください meaning "Please refer to..."


As I commented at your comment line, it looks like personally to me Choko san might not submit her own answer, I would like to "answer" instead....

Choko san's own answer ( about which I think it is quite appropriate )

"To change your setting, go to www.example.com, then click "my profile", then click "settings" >> Well in that case I think you could say something like 「設定を変更するには、www.example.comを開いて / にアクセスして、"my profile""setting" の順にクリックしてください。


設定はwww.example.comから/よりご変更いただけます。/ 設定の変更はwww.example.comよりお願いします・から行ってください。"my profile"→"setting"の順にクリックしてください。」etc

P.S I would like not to change her comment since I think it is not appropriate to change someone's original answer/comment without paying due heed to the person.


Here, I would like to start my opinion....

Regarding why to direct someone to a certain URL needs such a long speech.

For example, this is the Yahoo! Japan's guidance.

★MyYahoo!では Yahoo! JAPANページを  自分仕様にカスタマイズできます!

・ドラッグ&ドロップで、自分が  見やすい位置にコンテンツを移動 ・ヤフオクやメールなど、いつも  使っているYahoo! JAPANサービス  をまとめて表示 ・気になるサイトのRSSフィードを  追加して一緒に表示

▼My Yahoo!の特徴はこちら http://docs.my.yahoo.co.jp/newmyyahoo/promo/index.html


You can customize your Yahoo! Japan's page as you like here at MyYahoo! ( page)

Use the drag & drop function to place your favorite contents to your preferred place, ( to be continued )

You can display your favorite contents such as Yahoo auction or Yahoo e-mail at your preferred place.

You can display the RSS feeds of the sites of your own choice in addition to the above.

For the above peculiar My Yahoo! services, click http://docs.my.yahoo.co.jp/newmyyahoo/promo/index.html

Granted, since I have not seen your PC's screen? to users, I can not say perfectly, but should there be explanations of your direction to users on your screen, explaining the features or services or setting ups as I presented above as an example ( = My Yahoo ), then I think what you need to direct the users to the site is just to direct them to "click" as below.

こちらをクリックして下さい。 ( Please click here )

like Choko-san's answer.

If I were you, ( my personal way )

I may probably would like to do like this ( almost same with that of Choko-san )

貴殿(きでん)のプロフィールを変更されたい場合はまずこちらをクリックして下さい。  http://www.example.com


If you would like to change your profile kindly click below first. http://www.example.com

Then I would probably change the further instruction according to which site ( at the main screen or the at the above link ) the explanation about the later "Profile" and "Setting" link is.

No1. In a case that the explanation about the link to "Profile" and "Settings" is not at http://www.example.com

リンク先に「プロフィール」という項目が有ります。まずそこをクリックして下さい。  その中に「セッティング」という項目が有りますのでそこをクリックして貴殿の  プロフィールを変更して下さい。


After you click the above link, there is an additional link 「My profile」. Please click it. Inside the page ( link ) you can find a link 「Settings」. Kindly click it and change your profile as your prefer to.

No2. In a case that the further instruction is at the http://www.example.com. ( = meaning, after the users click http://www.example.com )



Kindly click 「Profile」.

Then after the users click the "Profile" link, I would probably add,



Kindly click 「Settings」. You can change your profile as you like there.

So No2 is kind of a step by step explanation.


P.S Since I have no way but to imagine in my way your "main screen" or the related links, I just wrote imagining at my own discretion.

Have a nice day and thank you.

  • is www.example.comを開いて あいて or ひらいて?
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    May 5, 2021 at 16:55

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