I am currently reviewing all of my high school math classes, but doing it in Japanese instead, so I found some websites that are meant to help Japanese high school students in math. Through this method I have been able to learn some math-specific words but the reading for equations like y = x + 2 are not given. This equation is quite simple and a quick search on Google led to my answer, but what about something like this: f(x) = 3x2 + 4x - 12, or derivatives and integrals.

I don't think that it is efficient to write down every equation I can't read in Japanese, so my question is:

Is there a general method I can use to read most equations?


f(x) = 3x2 + 4x - 12   ( f(x) = 3x^2 + 4x - 12 )

I think the following page can answer most of your questions.


y=f(x)    y イコール f x
          y イコール f かっこ x (かっこ) 

aⁿ  (a^n)      aのn乗  [e.g.  2乗]

This page doesn't have 足す and 引く, but you prob. already know those. — 「 いち 足す に は、さん。」

y = 3x2  (y=3x^2) →  「 y は、 さん エックス 二乗 」


x^2 + ( y - x^(2/3) )^2 = 1


エックスの二乗 プラス カッコ ワイ マイナス 三乗根 エックスの二乗 カッコ閉じて その二乗 イコール 一 かな?

I like the 2nd answer slightly better:

x2乗 プラス かっこ y マイナス エックスの3分の2乗 かっこ閉じるの 2乗 イコール 1

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