I'm not really getting the meaning of this. Is it "At this point getting suspected is not even scary"?


I would be grateful if someone could help me :]

  • (Google.Translate) -----> [ Too late, there is no horribly My God to be blamed. ] ------ I guess we still need human translators. ------- Babelfish Translation ------> [ Nothing scary is that you now have to be blamed. ] <--- this is better, but we'd still need human translators. – HizHa Sep 16 '16 at 1:26
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    Please put your translation here, even if it's totally wrong. I'm sure it's better than an automatic translation! – Chocolate Sep 16 '16 at 2:08
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    See, it's waaay better than these machine translations :D – Chocolate Sep 16 '16 at 2:24


"At this point, getting suspected is not even scary."

That's good. It may even be perfect.

今更、<-- maybe because this person has been accused before ?

恐ろしくない === I'm not afraid of ...

恐ろしくもない === I'm not even afraid of ... (も for emphasis)

A better translation may be [... the thought of being accused doesn't make me afraid in the least.]

Or maybe she's already being (or starting to be) accused, in which case:

After what I've been through, being accused means nothing.

... doesn't scare me none.


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