I saw both used for brown but looking at Google Translate it doesn't help me to understand what the difference is between the two. Can someone help me.

  • ちゃいろい has an extra 「い」 on the end. – istrasci Sep 14 '16 at 19:14

  茶色   / 茶色い, 茶色の

ちゃいろ /  ちゃいろい

Noun   /   Adj.


  「赤い(red)」   「青い(blue)」   「白い(white)」   「黒い(black)」 

  「黄色い(yellow)」   「茶色い(blown)」   -- adjectives.

The tricky part is ...

Sometimes, you can't add   い    at the end.

noun:   noun+の   ("no" adjective)

みどり:   みどりの    green

むらさき:   むらさきの   purple

ピンク:   ピンクの    pink

Anything else that 's tricky or interesting ?

       Brownish    茶色っぽい

There's an elaborate 5- year old page here: Historical differences between colors that are i-adjectives and those that are simply nouns

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