From 銀河鉄道の夜(宮沢賢治)

二人がその白い道を 、 肩をならべて行きますと 、 二人の影は 、 ちょうど四方に窓のある部屋 の中の 、 二本の柱の影のように 、 また二つの車輪の輻のように幾本も幾本も四方へ出るのでした.

  1. What does 幾本も幾本も mean exactly and how is it used?
  2. How is it pronounced? Is it いくほん?

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In modern Japanese one would say 何本も何本も.

  • 幾 is indeed pronounced いく.
  • The 本 (ほん) following it just appears because the 柱 are counted with 本.
  • The doubling is for emphasis.

pole after pole

pole after pole after pole

Also see

  • Makes perfect sense. Easier than I expected. Thank you!
    – Ontic
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