What is the meaning of 「納得」 and 「一良好な」 in the following sentence?


I think that 「一」 in this case is similar to 「一番」, so I would translate 「一良好な」 as "the best", "the favourite". As for 「納得」, I know it translates as "consent", "agreement", "compliance", but I don't understand its meaning here. The context is a character's family profile in a manga called "Samurai Drive" (「サムライドライブ」, abbreviated to 「サムドラ」here). Here's my attempt:

Jin's family. It's the family in which Jin developed his personality, and also the family with the best relationships and personalities within those agreed(?) in Samurai Drive.

Thanks for your help!

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~ + も/は + 納得だ/納得がいく/納得できる means "(therefore) ~ seems reasonable/legitimate/understandable", "so, that explains why ~", etc. is a consequence part, which is often undesirable and/or unlikely.

  • 高級な素材を使っているので、値段が高いのは納得がいきます。
  • このレストランの料理はとてもおいしい。なかなか予約が取れないのも納得だ。
  • ここの家族の人柄は素晴らしいので、仁の人柄がここで育ったのも納得だ。

納得の/納得がいく/納得できる + (noun) is "(noun) that convinces someone of ~", "reasonable (noun)", "satisfactory (noun)":

  • 納得の値段 reasonable price
  • 納得のいく説明 = 納得がいく説明 satisfactory explanation

Put together:

  • なかなか予約が取れないのも納得のレストラン
    the restaurant that it is rightly/understandably hard to make a reservation at
  • 仁の人柄がここで育ったのも納得の素晴らしい一族
    the wonderful tribe that convinces me of the fact that Jin's personality was developed here

(place) + 一【いち】 means "best in (place)", "number one in (place)". Parse the sentence as サムドラ内一 + 良好, not サムドラ内 + 一良好.

  • 日本一【にほんいち】高い山 the highest mountain in Japan
  • フランス一の葡萄畑 the greatest vineyard in France
  • サムドラ(内)一良好な家族関係 the best family relationship in Samurai Drive

内 before 一 is not common.

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