The dictionary is no help. A web search links it to a home steam cleaning product on kaercher.com, but I'm not sure how. Is it a product type, or the activity of steam cleaning, or...?


ケルヒャー is a transliteration of the company name Kärcher. At least in Germany, the brand name is almost synonymous with their high-pressure cleaners. (Like Sellotape or Xerox or Velcro.)

The resulting word is actually pretty close to the original word (a German surname)

Kärcher [[kɛʁçɐ]]
ケルヒャー [[keɺɯçaː]]

(closer than what would be possible in English, at least).


It is the name of a German company which produces and sells cleaning devices.

  • Just when you think you can work out katakana phonetically... – David S Sep 10 '16 at 14:59

Seems to be the name of the company rather than a word itself.

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