The sentence said by a boy who looks like being angry because of something.

なんでもねえやこっちのこったい! なんにしてもおれはでねえぞっ 一歩だってこの ひみつ練習場を...

I have found that several Japanese forums told that「なんてこったい」 means "What the hell" or "Oh my god" but I'm not sure what just the word alone really means.

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こっちのこったい is a colloquial contraction of こっちのことだい, lit. It is a matter of my/our side, → "It's not your concern." "It's none of your business."

なんてこったい! → なんてことだい "What the hell?"
いやなこったい! → いやなことだい (≂ いやだ) "No way!"

Ending a sentence with ~だい is Tokyo/Edo dialect (I think), e.g. 「行くんだい!」「何言ってんだい!」

なんでもねえや → It's nothing.
こっちのこったい! → Mind your own business.
なんにしても → In any case,
おれはでねえぞっ → I'll never get out (of this...)
一歩だって → not even a single step
このひみつ(の?)練習場を... → (... get out) of this secret gym / training room...

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こっちのこったい is casual expression of こっちのことです

In this case, こったい is same meaning as ことです

こっちのこと means my own business

So こっちのこったい means it is my own business.

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