How do I ask questions like this? "What is the counter word for umbrellas?"

How do I give answers like this? "The counter word for umbrellas is 本."

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"Counter" "counter word" is [助数詞]{じょすうし}, but when you ask and respond to "What is the counter word for XX?" you'd usually say like...

(lit. Do you count umbrellas with what?)

(lit. How do you count umbrellas?)

「傘の数え方は?」 (informal)
(lit. The way of counting umbrellas is?)

(You could ask 傘の助数詞は何ですか? lit. "What's the counter word of umbrellas?", but it's not very common to use the term 助数詞 in daily/normal conversation...)


The term people would use in ordinary conversation is [単位]{たんい} (unit of measurement).


  • あ~確かに~ 「傘を数える(ときの)単位は?」とか言いますもんね。
    – chocolate
    Sep 6, 2016 at 8:07

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