When asking a teacher for help, is it okay to use お願いします?

For example, asking to check my homework:


To me, "Please check my homework." sounds kind of rude.

Would saying

宿題をチェックしてお願いできますか? (Would it be possible for you to check my homework?)

be any better ?


These would be more natural:


noun(チェック) + を + お願いできますか?


verb(して) + いただけますか?


When you ask somebody senior to you for a favor, you’d better add his / her ”honorable” title, e.g. 先生、先輩、師匠、部長、女将さん、親方 before asking.

And if he or she is your teacher, I would say “先生、宿題をチェックして頂けますか?“ or “先生、宿題のチェックをお願いできますか?“ However the latter sounds somewhat redundant to me.

“チェックしてお願いできますか?” is just like saying “Would you kindly check (my homework) and may I ask?”, and is awkward in Japanese.

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