( I first learned about this Jp article (and "diving" incident) from What does 「中」 mean in 「そう危険なものではなかった中、彼の姿は。。。」 )

The following excerpt comes from this news article: http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/11944976/


  1. What is the intended meaning of this last sentence? これはまさに自虐ネタであるそうだ。

  2. How would you write that intended meaning (or something like it) in good Jp prose?

Also, please list other errors or awkward passages (in the article).

      ... 専攻していたそうだ。 <---  これも変だろ w
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    What's wrong about 「専攻していたそうだ」?
    – Chocolate
    Aug 31 '16 at 4:14
  • You can leave the deleted answer and edit it until it is a full answer and then undelete it. Else, you can add it to your question.
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  • What's wrong with 「専攻して い た そうだ」 is that it may sound like it's no longer true. The incident happened only 5 days (?) before the Jp article. ____________ In a Jp newspaper article, it's easy to avoid saying something like [who was majoring in ... (at least) at the time of the accident] --- see my example in my (now invisible?) answer. ---- ビルからビルへとダイナミックに飛び移る、そんなCGアクションシーンに憧れていたのか。 ピッツバーグ郊外のインディアナ・タウンシップの出身で大学ではコミュニケーション学と映画学専攻のグラントさん、驚いたことには ...................... _______________> しかも <--- これも変だろ w
    – HizHa
    Sep 1 '16 at 2:47
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  1. これはまさに自虐ネタであるそうだ。

「自虐ネタ」is something like an embarrassing story that you might tell to jokingly put yourself down.

I haven't read the whole article, but from this excerpt it sounds like グラントさん should be pretty embarrassed by not knowing about some news because of his background in Movie CG and his father working at the newspaper that had the story in it.

So you might translate the last sentence as something like, "You can imagine what an embarrassing situation this would be for him."

  1. I'm not sure what you're asking, but maybe something like this?


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    グラントさんにとってはきっと恥ずかしい-> グラントさんのお父さん(= 編集局次長) の自虐ネタだろう、ってことです。恥ずかしいのはきっとグラントさんのお父さんです。息子の恥を自ら新聞に載せているわけです。
    – Chocolate
    Aug 31 '16 at 4:21

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