I have found this sentence わしがすべて焼き尽くしちゃる. I know that 焼き尽く would imply burning something until exhaustion but I don't know what ちゃる is. By chance, is ちゃる just an alternate form of ちまう like ちゃう?


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しちゃる is a part of Kyusyu dialect. It's same as してあげる。

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    I think in the OP's sentence the しちゃる is closer to してやる than してあげる... cos you'd say 「焼き尽くしてやる!」「殺してやる!」 rather than 「焼き尽くしてあげる!」「殺してあげる!」, you know...
    – chocolate
    Commented Aug 29, 2016 at 15:10

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