By credit, I mean to properly write the name of the contributor on a project. Like how to tell that something is Made in ___, we use -製{せい} as in 日本製{にほんせい}.

Here is one case... In English we can use:
1. Author: John
2. Written by: John

Point 1 in Japanese might be 作家:John . I guess point 2 would be John によって書かれた (but it sounds like a sentence and not something that is written as a credit. I mean... it's quite long)

And that case only cover about books, how about a broader case such as:
- Originated from:
- Edited by:
- Created by:
- Translated by:
Is there a pattern we could use as a basic guidance?

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It's a customary to use active voice when we refer to a work with its contributors for general purposes e.g. on the book cover.

地底――地球深部探求の歴史 デイビッド・ホワイトハウス 江口あとか
[Bookname] by David Whitehouse, translated by Atoka Eguchi (seems to be this book)

enter image description here

But for credit use, we prefer noun prefix style (your #1) to indicate them. There's no #2 equivalent with passive voice prefix, because it's grammatically impossible.

時計じかけのオレンジ A Clockwork Orange
著者:アントニイ・バージェス Author: Anthony Burgess
訳者:乾 信一郎 Translator: Shin'ichiro Inui

enter image description here

ガルム・ウォーズ Garm Wars
原作・脚本・監督:押井守 Original work/Scenario/Director: Mamoru Oshii
日本語版プロデューサー:鈴木敏夫 JP Producer: Toshio Suzuki
宣伝コピー:虚淵玄 Copywriting: Gen Urobuchi

enter image description here


The word 作家 means "writer" as one's profession rather than the role in relation to a work. If what you mean is "author of the work", you have to use 作者 or 著者 (particularly for books/papers). The same applies to 翻訳家 vs. 訳者 (translator), 編集者 vs 編者 (editor) etc.


I think

"Author" is 作者、著者.

"Written by" is 著、著作.

"Originated from" is 原作.

"Edited by" is 編集.

"Translated by" is 訳、翻訳.

"Created by" may be 制作 but I am not sure. They may be producers or publishers or something else.

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