I'm trying to translate the following text, but I'm not sure about the meaning of 放学. Please let me know if my translation sounds right or if you have any suggestions!


"I tried to take the art school preparatory course three times. The third time, I finally got into the youga (western painting) course. I was repeating my second year, and I left school."

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    Does the original text say やっと入ったに? Isn't it やっと入ったに? And.. I was repeating my second year -> It's "I repeated my 3rd year", no? cos it's 三年目に二年やって
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    Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 3:16

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放学 is an uncommon word, but according to Wikipedia, it's a synonym for 退学 (=expulsion from school). The article says 放学 is a even heavier type of punishment than 退学 in some schools, but 放学 seems to be used exactly in the same way as 退学 in your case.

Apparently this school makes it a rule to automatically expel students who were held back three times. He was already held back in 予備科 twice, and he could not advance to the fourth grade of 洋画科, which was his third time cumulatively.



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