What is the difference in nuance between:

(1) 今は、私にとっては大学卒業式に最も近い経験ということになっている。


(2) 今は、私にとっては大学卒業式に最も近い経験になっている。

Personally, I'd always say #2. Is there a context when #2 is absolutely wrong? too unnatural?

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Sentence (2) is the neutral one.

~ということになっている is a set phrase meaning "(externally) is said to be ~", "allegedly is ~". If you use Sentence (1), people will wonder if there is another event in your mind which was closer to the 大学卒業式.

  • wow. That fix exactly into the context of what I am reading! Aug 9, 2016 at 2:23

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