I know the meaning of this phrase I believe, it is used to give the most common or important example when you are abbreviating a list. I can't come up with anything that sounds really good as a translation.

Policy A, Policy B をはじめとする guidelines on the topic of X.

What I have at the moment is

Guidelines on the topic of X including Policy A and Policy B.

  • "with A and B being the first (two) on the list" とか "with A and B at the head of the list" とか "including, most importantly, A and B" とかだと変ですかね・・ – Chocolate Aug 10 '16 at 4:40


           Policy A, Policy B ... をはじめとする 

... the guidelines starting with Policies A, B, ...

          ...  including / such as Policies A, B, ...
  • ... guidelines, notably Policies A, B, ...

  • ... guidelines, most notably Policies A, B, ...

  • ... guidelines, the best examples being Policies A, B, ...

  • ... guidelines[,] exemplified by Policies A, B, ...

  • ... guidelines[,] whose list is headed by Policies A, B, ...

       Policies A, B, ... and other guidelines
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I think they are all good and it is just good to have lots of possible options to use. – user3433634 Aug 23 '16 at 4:25

How about: Starting with policy A and policy B....


Think of と as an "assignment of value" particle.

  • 1
    Could you please provide more detail? What does "assignment of value" mean? – Blavius Aug 9 '16 at 14:16

はじめとする has the general meaning of "commencing/starting with" and is an irregular verb.

  • Do you mean はじめとする is a single verb? – Chocolate Aug 8 '16 at 3:35

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