Came across the honorific -たん in Re:Zero (episode 4, 6 minutes in):

You saved me, didn't you, Emilia-tan?

Does anyone know what it means?

The protagonist who said it clearly likes the female lead he addressed, but he also doesn't believe that anything is real. When she asks him what it means, he says:

Uh, you can just ignore that one.

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-たん is a lisped version of -ちゃん. It's probably the most cute-sounding, casual name suffix in Japanese. There are many fictional (usually female) characters who are always called with -たん.

You should never use -たん in business settings even though it may be grammatically classified as an "honorific suffix".

Calling someone with -たん is one of the ways to show one's sense of intimacy/affection toward someone (like "honey" or "sweetie" in English), or to tease someone as if she were a child.

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