I'm trying to translate a song as practice and I absolutely cannot figure out what this one line means:


(It's a bit graphic, and I apologize!)

Anyway, I get the whole wanting-to-put-your-love-into-a-rotted-body thing, but the second part is throwing me off.

Is the と particle in this case being used as a quotation marker? That's what I'm thinking because of the 「産声を上げた」...though apparently that phrase can also mean "being born". And the adjective before it confuses me even more.


産声 is defined as "the first cry of a baby". 産声を上げる is a common fixed idiom which effectively means "to be born", but it's not a good idea to translate this as "to be born" in this case. Without any further context, "cried like a baby" is the safest translation I can think of.

The 慣れない part basically indicates that "crying like a baby" is not what she does often (ie. 産声 is unfamiliar to herself, not to her partner). I'm not sure how to translate this nicely...

と in the first line is the quotation particle, and the following verb is often left unsaid. See: verb+ようにと、 or verb+かと、


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