According to this website (http://www.jlptsensei.com/grammar-lesson/kotoka/) "ことか is used to place strong emphasis on something." This is the only explanation I could find. I was wondering if that is a common expression and in what context would you use it? Thank you.

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The ことか is used in an exclamatory sentence (感嘆文) , usually preceded by an interrogative word such as どんなに, どれほど, なんと, 何度 etc.


  • どんなにうれしいことか! (≂ どんなにうれしいだろう!)
    How happy I would be!
  • なんと美しいことか! (≂ なんと美しいのだろう! / なんて美しいんだろう!)
    How beautiful it is!
  • 何度失敗したことか! (≂ 何度失敗しただろう!)
    (I have no idea) How many times I have failed!

(「~~ことか!」 sounds a bit more literary than 「~~だろう!」)

  1. なんということか!
    What the hell (is this) !
  2. ずっと一緒だった仲間が別れなければならないのは、なんと残念なことか。
    Having to say farewell to friends that were always with you is so sad.
  1. コンピューターは、なんと便利なことか。
    Computer is such a convenient thing.

As I know. ことか is a 2kyuu grammar. It is used to express your feeling about....

  • Could you provide the source(s) of your example sentences, please?
    – chocolate
    Jul 22, 2016 at 7:47

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