Here is the sentence including the word. It is said by an old man who is cooking some food and planning to give it to a younger person who is in jail.

ようし わしゃあやったる

I am not sure if it is a shorten form of 「やってやる」which means "Doing something for someone who is below than the speaker"

Is it still used nowadays in Kantou area?

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Yes, it's short for やってやる. Please see this answer for the list of similar contractions. I think this contraction is common throughout Japan regardless of generation (but it sounds relatively masculine)

And te-form + やる means not only "to do something for someone" but also "dare to do something", "to do something proactively with an active effort", "to do something and show off (the result / one's power)" etc. See: what does てやる mean when it is not used for giving?

The sentence probably just means "I'll do that" (without "for someone").

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