I'm reading a manga in Japanese and need help with this, because I can't understand what it really means. Thanks!


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    Perhaps you could supplement some sentences before and after. It might be useful to understand the context it is in. – Flaw Jul 16 '16 at 18:10
  • @Flaw A man was looking for a boy and when he found it, he said that. And sorry, I'm new here by the way. – Ryuusei-kun Jul 16 '16 at 18:15



「いっちょ前」 is how we colloquially pronounce 「一丁前」, which means the same thing as 「[一人前]{いちにんまえ}」 = "a full-fledged man", "an adult", etc.

「おっ」 is a slangy verb prefix that emphasizes the meaning of that verb.

「立てる」 here means "to get or keep an erection".

Put it all together, you will have:

"OMG, you've got a good hard-on like a grown man!"

Other verbs we often use with this prefix include:

おっぱじまる、おっぴらく、おっぴろげる、おったまげる, etc.

Notice the rendaku ('h' ⇒ 'p') in the first three above. You must use the 'p' sound for those.


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