From Jisho.org, the stroke order for 衷 (inmost, heart, mind, inside) is:

First portion of stroke order for inmost Second portion of stroke order for inmost

I count 9 strokes, but the stroke number is listed there as 10. Additionally, on Android (with kanji fix), the kanji is rendered like this:

Image of Android rendering of 衷

The number of strokes and the Android font version seems inconsistent with the stroke order. What is the correct stroke order for this kanji? How can I reconcile these inconsistencies?

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First off, the jisho.org data is not always correct and comes from work by Jim Breen and WWWJDIC. It's valiant work, but it also includes errors.

At least according to kakijun.jp, this is primarily a ten stroke character. According to kakijun, the top should be a 亠(ナベブタ)and then a mouth 口 with a stroke drawn through it. The nine-stroke version listed there is considered an alternative.

  • Technically, the stroke order diagrams on jisho come from KanjiVG, not the JDIC data. See the about section of jiaho.org for more details. Commented Jul 10, 2016 at 6:46

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