I'm translating a game and this is the sentence:恭介が気に入るレア物のCDを探すのって....結構大変なんだよね. What is the meaning of のって after 探す?


「Verb/Verb Phrase + の + って」

The 「の」 is a nominalizing particle. It nominalizes the verb that precedes. In meaning and usage, therefore, it is the same as 「こと」.

「って」 here is an informal topic-introducing particle. In meaning, it is the same as 「~~というのは」.

Thus, 「~~を[探]{さが}すのって」 means "looking for ~~ (is)".

「[恭介]{きょうすけ}が[気]{き}に[入]{い}るレア[物]{もの}のCDを[探]{さが}すのって....[結構大変]{けっこうたいへん}なんだよね。」 means:

"Looking for the rare CDs that Kyousuke would like... is pretty hard."

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