How would you translate "I will buy something"? I came up with: なにかかいます。

But I'm not sure if this is correct.



In common speech many people say things like:


You can also say「なんか」 instead of 「なにか」 to mean "something" in this case if you like.

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    スーパー何か買いに行きます。 sounds (sounded) a little bit strange to me. This is probably because when we use 「(verb)+に行く」, like 「買いに行く」, the particle marking location words corresponds to the 「行く」 part of the verb phrase, not the preceding verb. So スーパーに/へ何か買いに行きます。 (as you would say スーパーへ/に行きます。) , rather than *スーパーで何か買いに行きます。 (as you would say スーパーで何か買います。) , is what people are more likely to say. – goldbrick Jul 7 '16 at 0:28

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