This is a small part of the dialogue of Fate/stay night:

あれ一体{いったい}だけで 他{ほか}の六騎{ろっき}を敵{てき}に回{まわ}せるぞ

Why they use 騎 as a counter for Servants?

Many times I have seen this construction:


What is the meaning of that?

  • Here 騎 is used as a generic counter for "fighters". Originally, 騎 is a counter for cavalries, and using 騎 to actually count cavalries is of course rare these days. But idiomatic words like 一騎打ち or 一騎当千 are still very common today. Probably the author had 一騎当千 in his mind, and thought it was nice to use the counter 騎 to describe this situation. I can't say it's common, but I feel it's a nice word choice.
  • ~を敵に回す is a common idiomatic phrase that means "to make an enemy of ~". Examples on ALC. 回す can mean "to put/move someone/something in some place", "to assign" (eg, 給料を貯金に回す, 社員を開発担当に回す).
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