So I'm trying to make a sentence which goes, "My effort is still not enough", and I came up with


I was thinking about using wa, however since "足りない" is intransitive, I wondered if I should use ga instead?


If you say「私の努力」it follows that you would use は.

By saying 「私の努力」rather than just「努力」, the sentence already begins by singling the speaker out, so I think は would most naturally follow.

If you drop the「私の」you could naturally use は or が depending on the context.


Your boss comes over to your desk to discuss a project that your team has been working on:


Your project failed again, eh Bobby?  


Yeah, I'm just not putting in enough effort. 
(*Maybe if I tried something other than just putting in effort, 
things might have worked out differently...)



Yeah, not enough effort is being put in.   
(*A lack of effort is the problem. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the team...)


Yeah, not enough effort is being put in.   
(*Lack of effort is a problem, maybe there are other problems too...)
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