I have seen many websites use 講座 (to teach something) but generally aren't all 3 terms the same?

Can someone give example of each usage?


Each has very different original meaning, but in a specific context they can be used to describe the same thing

  • 講座{こうざ} a lecture, a course

    originally a lecture / course you attend at school/seminar (with lecturer), however also referring to the contents (curriculum) when used for a book / study materials

  • チュートリアル a tutorial

    straight from English "tutorial" with the same meaningーmaterial for self-study

  • 学習用 for study (like in "material for studying")

    a noun 学習{がくしゅう} meaning "study, learning" combined with 用{よう} the purpose / use of the preceding noun

In case of learning materials for self-study indeed you could use the above terms interchangeably, like "A course in Java", "A Java tutorial", "Java for self-learners", but you would never call a lecture at the university "a tutorial".

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