I want to know how to form the sentence "I looked at the water for so long that people thought I was crazy" but I'm not sure of how I can express "for so long" in Japanese I thought of 私はおかしかったと思われたほど水を見た, and it looks like it means "I looked at the water to the extent that people thought I was crazy" but I want the time part to appear in the sentence. How to say "...for so much time/for so long that..."?

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Generally speaking, English "as much A as B" and "so A that B" can be translated as B ほど A.


I looked at the water for so long that people thought I was crazy.
私は人からおかしいと思われるほど長く水面を見つめていた。 (Note: Japanese has relative tense)

Similar expressions:

  • ~ほどの時間
  • ~ほどの間
  • ~ほど長い時間 (means really "long")
  • ~ほど長い間
  • and all ほど above can be replaced by くらい(ぐらい)

However when English writers write such a sentence, they often want to tell "people thought I was crazy" part. So practically this kind of sentence is likely to be given with a translation like:



The phrase "for so long" is translated as 長い間. And if you want to add the sentence, you can use ほど, which means an extent. so I translated your sentence as '人がおかしいと思うほど長い間.


My shot at a translation:


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