What is a natural way to add another object to a list as an afterthought? For example:


For work I teach piano and English. Oh, and French too.

  • "Teach" as a habitual action should be 教えている instead of 教える, (which is " I will teach").
    – user4092
    May 30, 2016 at 22:54

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The particle 「も」 will do the job.

仕事で英語とピアノを教えています。 フランス語

You can preface the afterthought with 「あと」or 「それと」 (or the like) to mark it explicitly as an addition to the previous statement.

仕事で英語とピアノを教えています。 あと/それと、フランス語も。

If you find it in your interest to be formal, it's best to complete your sentences.

仕事で英語とピアノを教えています。 あと/それと/加えて(this last one is more formal than the other two)、フランス語も教えています。


Most naturally, we would say:




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